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Is Google Eating Itself?

Written by Fraser Hannah on Wednesday, 17 August 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing, Internet

Content, content, content are Google’s watchwords. Create great content that users want and you will rank well in the search results.

It seems straight forward – Yes?

NO - far from it

Google appear to have thrown all that to the wind. For some time now I have noticed the huge rise in directory listings within the search results. I understand that directories have a place, but if I am looking to find a builder through Google, I want to find a builders website, not a directory listing this builder or that builder.

If I wanted a directory I would have typed Yell, Thompson or another such company into the search box.


Cumbria Web Designers Fear - Internet Kill Switch

Written by Fraser Hannah on Thursday, 05 May 2011. Posted in Internet

As Cumbria web designers, you would think that the Internet Kill Switch would really be of no concern to us. You would be wrong, and would be wise to be just as concerned as we are.

On the 27th January the Egyptian Government cut off Internet and mobile phone access within Egypt effectively sealing off the country from the outside world, and dramatically limiting the general populations channels of communication. What’s the surprise in that you may ask, after all Egypt is not exactly a democratic country?

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