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6 Reasons to use a mate rather than a web designer!

on Monday, 22 October 2012. Posted in Web Design

1. They are cheaper and if family free

Good web design costs money! Web designers spend years studying all aspects of web design. We have premise, insurance, legitimate software and up to date computer to purchase before we start. Your mate down the road has no overheads as he is most likely working out of this bedroom.

2. They will provides unlimited revisions

It's true that we would normally only do a couple of revisions at the most, and in general we get it right first time. But if revisions are your thing then you will be in good hands.


Choosing the right web design company

on Saturday, 29 October 2011. Posted in Web Design

Web design, like any business, has its sharks! The language can be technical and you can easily be confused or dazzled by a slick presentation. Thankfully there are few simple steps that can help you protect yourself from falling prey to unscrupulous web design companies.

Know your competition

Look at your competitors' websites and put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Are their websites easy to understand, do they leave you with unanswered questions? Do the websites convey a sense of trust or do they look thrown together? Web design is a visual medium and your website needs to look as professional as your competition if you are to be competitive.


Examples of Clever Negative Space Logo Designs

Written by Jason Savage on Thursday, 16 June 2011. Posted in Web Design

Here are some of my favorite logo designs that use negative space to reinforce the purpose and message of the logo. Clever designers use this technique known as "Negative Space" to build in and around the main elements of the logo. By doing this the logo is almost an optical illusion and, it did take me some time to notice the very clever negatives in some of the logos below.


7 Things to Improve the Ranking of Your New Website

Written by Fraser Hannah on Monday, 28 March 2011. Posted in Web Design

When your website is finished and live on the Internet, final checks should be made to ensure it is ready for your business and the search engines. It will take some time for a brand new website to rank well on the search engines but abiding to the steps below is likely to cut down this time.


Our Top 10 Web Design Tips

Written by Jason Savage on Wednesday, 23 February 2011. Posted in Web Design

1. Plan and organise your website from the beginning

Know your target audience and target your website to them. Taylor your text ad pages to your websites purpose and, if you know what pages are going on to your website, organise them appropriately. This will make the overall development process much quicker.

2. Organise and categorise file types

You should plan the file types you are going to be using on your website so you can categories them into folders on the server. Image folders should be categorised for the pages they are used on i.e Food, Drink, Fruit etc.

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