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Examples of Clever Negative Space Logo Designs

Written by Jason Savage on Thursday, 16 June 2011. Posted in Web Design

Here are some of my favorite logo designs that use negative space to reinforce the purpose and message of the logo. Clever designers use this technique known as "Negative Space" to build in and around the main elements of the logo. By doing this the logo is almost an optical illusion and, it did take me some time to notice the very clever negatives in some of the logos below.

One of the logos that really caught my eye was the Star Dental logo. This is very cleverly done and also very clean and clear. It doesn't take a long time to notice the star in the middle of the teeth and is very pleasing on the eye.

Another logo that I really like on here is the Zip Hub logo. This is so simple but so effective and really reinforces the brand. The designer has simply sliced down the middle and slightly dropped one half to give the impression of a Zip, and this really works well. Another very simple but very effective design is the Dig logo. I can't believe how simple this logo is with the huge message that jumps from the logo. To me this is what a true logo is. A single word that totally sums up the brand, and thats what this logo does.

Have a look at the rest of the clever logos that also use this technique and see if you can spot the different sides to each.

negative space logo 1 negative space logo 2

negative space logo 3


negative space logo 4


negative space logo 5


negative space logo 6


negative space logo 7


negative space logo 8


negative space logo 9


negative space logo 10


negative space logo 11


negative space logo 12


negative space logo 13


negative space logo 14


negative space logo 15

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