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Get Facebook Graph Search Without Waiting

Written by Fraser Hannah on Tuesday, 22 July 2014. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

How to access Facebook Graph Search now!

Facebook Graph Search appears to be rolling out frustratingly slowly in the UK, with some user waiting for several months before gaining access. If you can’t wait that long, don’t worry you can easily register and get Facebook Graph Search without waiting.

Graph Search rolled to English speakers in the US and is now immediately available to them when they sign up. In order to get Facebook Graph Search now you will need to make it appear that you are located in the US. Using a free proxy service such as Hide My Ass, which will make it look like you are located in the US, and allows you to register for a US, based Facebook account.

Visit Hide My Ass by clicking here and scroll all the way to bottom of the page entering in the Facebook URL (https// in the search field as shown below. Click to show the advanced options and select a US based proxy then click the large yellow “Hide My Ass” button.

Get Facebook Graph Search without waiting

This will open up Facebook in your browser while tricking it into believing that you are located in the US. 

Hide My Ass Proxy

All you need to do is sign up using a random US address, which you can easily find online. Once the sign up process is finished you can log out of Hide My Ass and log into your American based Facebook account.

You will now have full access to Facebook’s Graph Search. Please check out Stacey MacNaught’s post Facebook Graph Search Queries for Content Marketers on Tecmark to get an idea of the power of Graph Search along with a number of example query strings.

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