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My time at Wombat so far

Written by Nadene Gemson on Friday, 03 August 2012. Posted in Latest News

As I've only been here for nearly a month, my knowledge on how to build websites is ever increasing and becoming more complex. Starting from simple tasks on understanding all the technical terms and tags, to installing the more crafty gadgets that appear within a site.

Online or offline, big or small, the idea and the clients are made clear of being the most vital parts of starting off a website. Already I have met many new clients that we are going to be working with in the near future and I am looking forward to being involved.

Complicated codes and components have become an everyday thing now and I feel that I have made good progress.

So far I have taken on board matters of all the secrets into how websites are taken to a new level. With clean and precise layouts, looking fresh and simple, the wacky Wombat team work just how I do. As I'm just a small role within the business, I plan to learn and grow along with Wombat.

About the Author

Nadene Gemson

As I am the youngest member of the team, I am constantly learning and absorbing new things. I have been here since July 2012 and am thoroughly enjoying every step of the way. I am excited about our projects coming up and am eager to learn more. I love my role/job here with the Wombat team and looking forward to the future.

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