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6 Reasons to use a mate rather than a web designer!

on Monday, 22 October 2012. Posted in Web Design

1. They are cheaper and if family free

Good web design costs money! Web designers spend years studying all aspects of web design. We have premise, insurance, legitimate software and up to date computer to purchase before we start. Your mate down the road has no overheads as he is most likely working out of this bedroom.

2. They will provides unlimited revisions

It's true that we would normally only do a couple of revisions at the most, and in general we get it right first time. But if revisions are your thing then you will be in good hands.


Choosing the right web design company

on Saturday, 29 October 2011. Posted in Web Design

Web design, like any business, has its sharks! The language can be technical and you can easily be confused or dazzled by a slick presentation. Thankfully there are few simple steps that can help you protect yourself from falling prey to unscrupulous web design companies.

Know your competition

Look at your competitors' websites and put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Are their websites easy to understand, do they leave you with unanswered questions? Do the websites convey a sense of trust or do they look thrown together? Web design is a visual medium and your website needs to look as professional as your competition if you are to be competitive.


Is Google Eating Itself?

Written by Fraser Hannah on Wednesday, 17 August 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing, Internet

Content, content, content are Google’s watchwords. Create great content that users want and you will rank well in the search results.

It seems straight forward – Yes?

NO - far from it

Google appear to have thrown all that to the wind. For some time now I have noticed the huge rise in directory listings within the search results. I understand that directories have a place, but if I am looking to find a builder through Google, I want to find a builders website, not a directory listing this builder or that builder.

If I wanted a directory I would have typed Yell, Thompson or another such company into the search box.


Beginners Guide to SEO (Part 2 - Keywords)

Written by Fraser Hannah on Monday, 11 July 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

What are keywords?

Keywords are the search terms that you type into a search engine whenever you want to do a search. They can be a single word or a number of words, depending on what you are looking for.

How to discover your keyword!

The best way to discover the best keywords for your website is to go through each page individually and write down the keywords that you would use to find that page. Try to be as creative as possible don’t just stick to the obvious try to think out of the box. Try to think of phases rather than just one or two words as the more specific you can be the easier it is to target your customers.

The next step is to ask / bribe your friends, family, collogues, neighbors kids, in fact anyone you can possibly get, to do the same.

Take all the keyword suggestions and add them into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, this will allow you to filter your keywords to display them in a number of ways.


Beginners Guide to SEO (Part 1)

Written by Fraser Hannah on Monday, 18 April 2011. Posted in Search Engine Marketing

So your new website has just gone online, its perfect the web designers have done a great job and it is just the way you imagined it. But what next, unless it is for your own personal use you will want to attract visitors or customers.

Today websites can be likened to small children; in order for them to grow they need to be nurtured. It takes a lot of time, care and dedication to create a successful website and getting it online is only the first step. Without some level of search engine optimization (SEO) the chances of your website being a success are greatly reduced.

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