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Don’t Lose Customers with Google’s Update: SSL Certificates

In the wonderful (albeit slighlty chaotic) world of technology, developments are a common thing. Techies at Google, Bing and Yahoo are all busy behind the scenes working on nifty ways to make the internet safer and more user friendly. And with over 644 million active websites out there, being aware of these updates is essential […]

Wombat go for gold! – Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017

As recently announced on our Facebook page, myself and the team at Wombat are delighted to confirm that we have been whittled down as finalists at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Recognised in the category of Web Development Project of the Year, for our work with our client, Lake District Lodge Holidays– the award acknowledges our ability […]

Developing an inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is a modern way of marketing which doesn’t rely on interrupting potential customers, instead aiming to develop content which appeals directly to them. Intending to delight, educate, amuse and inform, tailored to each step of the buyers journey. Marketing has changed dramatically since the internet came along. How do you go about developing […]

Google to punish websites which use annoying pop-ups

Advertising pop-ups which interrupt what you’re trying to see have long been an irritation felt by all internet users. Google have realised this and are looking set now to penalise websites when this becomes interruptive to a users’ viewing experience. This is particularly an irritation on mobile phone screens. Google has stated that, in order […]

Crafting Contagious Content

So why is blogging good for SEO? Simply put, the more interesting stuff on your website the more likely Google will want to link to it. Natural language mimics genuine search terms so when you have plenty of helpful content which answers, educates, inspires and engages, it’s naturally more helpful and relevant in the eyes of Google […]

How to choose the right CMS for your business?

A content management system (CMS) allows users with little or no web development experience to refresh the content of a website. There’s no need to code and the websites are organised into user-friendly chunks. A CMS just requires a basic knowledge of computing. The three main Content Management Systems used to develop websites are WordPress, […]

The science behind good web design

Effective website design is based on a wide range of scientific and psychological principles. There’s reasoning why effective websites are laid out the way they are. Good website design is never just thrown together. For a positive user experience, websites need to feel seamless and fluid, reacting as the user would expect, with all the […]