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How to choose the right CMS for your business?

A content management system (CMS) allows users with little or no web development experience to refresh the content of a website. There’s no need to code and the websites are organised into user-friendly chunks. A CMS just requires a basic knowledge of computing. The three main Content Management Systems used to develop websites are WordPress, […]

The science behind good web design

Effective website design is based on a wide range of scientific and psychological principles. There’s reasoning why effective websites are laid out the way they are. Good website design is never just thrown together. For a positive user experience, websites need to feel seamless and fluid, reacting as the user would expect, with all the […]

Are you guilty of these common marketing mistakes?

Thinking with yourself in mind, not your customers? A logo chosen for personal reasons, a marketing strategy based on family members’ opinions, website content written for the author’s ego and not the audience. This has a detrimental effect on marketing efforts, it’s impossible to connect with an audience when not trying to appeal to them. […]

Would your business flourish with a professionally built website?

The more professional a website looks the more appealing it becomes. Adding to a business’s credibility and giving you control over what is said about your brand. A website markets your business around the clock providing an insight as to what your potential customers should expect from your services. It’s often the most visible part […]

10 questions to ask before choosing a website developer

Thinking about a new website? Here’s our lowdown on the top ten things to consider when choosing a website developer. 1. Can I see your portfolio? Have a look at previous work, do all their websites appear similar or do they look like they repeatedly use the same template? This could uncover limited expertise and […]

If you make one change to your way of thinking today, make it this…

Too many businesses focus on achievements instead of actual results. A photo in the paper, a fancy new website, a sparkly new employee. These achievements can make you feel on fire, business person of the year, even superhero like. However it’s important to always stop and question: ‘what have you have actually gained from each […]

Remote Working

Choosing the right web design company

Web design, like any business, has its sharks! The language can be technical and you can easily be confused or dazzled by a slick presentation. Thankfully there are few simple steps that can help you protect yourself from falling prey to unscrupulous web design companies. Know your competition Look at your competitors’ websites and put […]