So your new website has just gone online, its perfect the web designers have done a great job and it is just the way you imagined it. But what next, unless it is for your own personal use you will want to attract visitors or customers.

Today websites can be likened to small children; in order for them to grow they need to be nurtured. It takes a lot of time, care and dedication to create a successful website and getting it online is only the first step. Without some level of search engine optimization (SEO) the chances of your website being a success are greatly reduced.

Search engines use complex algorithms which are extensible a long serious of instructions to deliver a list of search results based on a users search terms. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing a website visibility within the search results, the higher up the list the more visitors a website is likely to receive. SEO can be complex and cost considerable sums of money, but there are a number of things that website owners / managers can do to increase their position within the search rankings themselves.


Content is absolutely the most important part of your website, without rich, colorful and engaging copy any effort you put into search engine optimization will be all but wasted. Good design will hook visitors while good copy will keep them and encourage them to return.


Keywords are the terms or phrases that you want your website to be found under in the search engine results. They are not your product or services name but the terms a visitor would type into the search box to find your site. Keywords are important as implemented correctly they can bring highly targeted traffic to your website.


Search engines use the number of inbound links a website has as a way of measuring its importance, think of them a vote of confidence. In general terms the more inbound links a website has the higher it will appear in the search engine results. That is in general terms, but not all links are equal and the trick is to find the quality links while sidestepping the links that can adversely affect your website.

Over the next few weeks I will explain in detail the techniques and methods that you can use to increase the visibility of your website both for visitors and the search engines.

Beginners Guide to SEO (Part 2 – Keywords)