Advertising pop-ups which interrupt what you’re trying to see have long been an irritation felt by all internet users.

Google have realised this and are looking set now to penalise websites when this becomes interruptive to a users’ viewing experience. This is particularly an irritation on mobile phone screens.

Google has stated that, in order to improve mobile search experience, as of 10th January 2017, websites which use interruptive popups during the transition from mobile search results could find themselves not ranking as high as previously.

Some popups and overlays are useful and won’t be frowned upon. Ones that fulfil some legal requirement like checking a users’ age won’t have an effect alongside smaller banner ads which appear at the top of a screen.

But websites which use advertising popups which intrude should think about their online marketing strategy as it could be about to become detrimental to their websites performance.

Google are watching out for websites which:

  • Have a popup which covers the main boy of content, coming between the user and the content the search result was supposed to offer.
  • Showing a standalone interstitial page before the content.
  • Where there’s a layout which appears like a standalone interstitial page, where the user has to scroll down to access their intended content.
  • All this reflects the change away from traditional interruptive marketing techniques towards more helpful and human ways of marketing.

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