The Wombat blog has been like a deserted wasteland over the last few years, and I suppose the blame lies squarely with me. Somewhere along the road, I seem to have lost my mojo – Wombat got busy, time became short and I kept prioritising client work and told myself there were more important tasks.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Full Stack inbound marketing conference at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh. It had an impressive speaker lineup of experts from some of the industry’s leading brands – such as Moz, Distilled, Wistia and Unbounce.

Mark JohnstoneDistilled
Kirtsy HulseLinkdex
Phil Nottingham – Wistia
Stacy MacNaughtTecmark
Lexi Mills – Dynamo
Mike McGrailVelocity Digital
Amber van NattenNewscred
Cyrus ShepherdMoz
Oli GardnerUnbounce

It was a fantastic event and I learned a lot – but there was one thing that resonated with me – when it comes to blogging persistence pays off. I read lots of blogs and to be honest, I have the green-eyed monster sitting on my shoulder – if only I could write as well as this person or that blogger. The lack of time was only one excuse I would come up with, I suppose the real reason was fear – fear of making a fool of myself, fear of interpreting what I was seeing incorrectly and looking stupid in front of my peers – fear of failing.

I finally understood that fear of failure is natural – everyone fails, looks stupid and messes up from time to time. Most of the blogs I read are from experts who have been polishing their skills for a number of years, and they were not always as polished as they now appear.

Photo Credit: @CyrusShepard

Mark Johnstone shared some of Distilled’s projects that had, well tanked. Phil Nottingham gave us an insight into some of Wistias early work – it was interesting and a far cry from the slick presentation we expect when we think of them now. Mike McGrail shared a shot of Rand Fishkin the Wizard of Moz in an early White Board Friday which showed just how much Whiteboard Friday has changed over the years.

Finally, it was something that Oli Gardner said that made me realise the time for excuses was over. When he started he produced all the content for the Unbounce blog and he was prolific – it took discipline and training so to get started. He would write 300 words a day, 300 words about anything just to train himself to get used to writing. So I accept the challenge and am interested to see where it may lead.

If you come across this post and reach the end I strongly suggest that you check out the Full Stack speakers, you won’t be disappointed.