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Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you want to build up your business and reach more people then you should seriously consider hiring a digital marketing agency. Why? Small businesses are busy; really busy. As an entrepreneur you’re constantly switching hats, jumping from one job to the next. You’ve got to perfect your product, manage your staff team, build sales […]

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Own a small business? Grab a coffee and read on for 7 simple social media marketing tips you can start using immediately. First off, here’s a top tip for entrepreneurs: don’t ignore social media marketing if you own a small business. As much as you’d want to, neglecting social media marketing will be to the […]

Core Web Vitals Blog Header

Core Web Vitals and How To Get Ready

There’s been a lot of talk in marketing and SEO circles over the last six months about Google’s Core Web Vitals. However, if you’ve just been trying to keep afloat during the pandemic, this may have gone over your head. In this blog, we’ll take you through some basics and get you up to speed […]

Don’t Lose Customers with Google’s Update: SSL Certificates

In the wonderful (albeit slighlty chaotic) world of technology, developments are a common thing. Techies at Google, Bing and Yahoo are all busy behind the scenes working on nifty ways to make the internet safer and more user friendly. And with over 644 million active websites out there, being aware of these updates is essential […]

Wombat go for gold! – Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017

As recently announced on our Facebook page, myself and the team at Wombat are delighted to confirm that we have been whittled down as finalists at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Recognised in the category of Web Development Project of the Year, for our work with our client, Lake District Lodge Holidays– the award acknowledges our ability […]