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How to improve your site’s ranking on Google

Google didn’t get to be the world’s number one search engine by chance, it did so by being useful. It focussed on the users’ needs, aiming to be as helpful as possible. Tirelessly checking to see that the websites suggested to its users are the most valuable available. That’s why they’re so good at it. […]

How small businesses can excel at inbound marketing…

Inbound marketing and content marketing are one of the same, put simply they are about telling a story before a subtle sales pitch. It’s the creation of well prepared, audience-focused content which doesn’t feel like pushy sales talk. The internet has revolutionised consumer behaviour – they now spend more time online than they do watching […]

Would your business flourish with a professionally built website?

The more professional a website looks the more appealing it becomes. Adding to a business’s credibility and giving you control over what is said about your brand. A website markets your business around the clock providing an insight as to what your potential customers should expect from your services. It’s often the most visible part […]

10 journalistic tricks you can apply to content marketing

Journalists and content marketers share a common purpose, they write to be read. By adopting a simplistic approach to their writing and having the reader at the core of everything they do, journalists are particularly successful at having their content enjoyed and shared. The Inbound marketplace is overflowing with writers all wanting to be heard, […]

Awards success for Hazel Bank Country House

We’d like to congratulate our clients, Hazel Bank Country House Hotel on winning a host of prestigious awards. They were honoured with ‘Guest Accommodation of the year’ at the Cumbrian Tourism Awards, the ‘AA rosette for Culinary Excellence,’ ‘Cesar Walking Hotel of the year,’ alongside being included in the TripAdvisor ‘Hall of Fame’ and becoming […]

Big changes at Wombat Creative

We started out as a website development agency almost six years ago when company owners, Fraser Hannah and Jason Savage realised a gap in the market for high-quality website design and development in Cumbria. Wombat Web Design has since transformed into ‘Wombat Creative’ offering additional, digital and content marketing services. We took part in the […]

10 questions to ask before choosing a website developer

Thinking about a new website? Here’s our lowdown on the top ten things to consider when choosing a website developer. 1. Can I see your portfolio? Have a look at previous work, do all their websites appear similar or do they look like they repeatedly use the same template? This could uncover limited expertise and […]

If you make one change to your way of thinking today, make it this…

Too many businesses focus on achievements instead of actual results. A photo in the paper, a fancy new website, a sparkly new employee. These achievements can make you feel on fire, business person of the year, even superhero like. However it’s important to always stop and question: ‘what have you have actually gained from each […]