Too many businesses focus on achievements instead of actual results. A photo in the paper, a fancy new website, a sparkly new employee. These achievements can make you feel on fire, business person of the year, even superhero like. However, it’s important to always stop and question: ‘what have you have actually gained from each achievement?’

Companies often see the launch of a website itself as the celebration and then fail to track the sites progress. By always focussing on the publicly visible achievements rather than actual results, it makes it difficult to analyse whether or not you’re actually getting closer to where you want to be. It’s vital to never lose sight of what you’re hoping to achieve.

This is very apparent when it comes to a website. By only focussing on the look and not the actual substance, many companies have something in place that is basically ineffective, rarely delivering new traffic and therefore missing out on leads.

The whole scenario is a bit like a wedding. People often concentrate on the actual ceremony without visualising and deliberating over the outcome. Surely the wedding is just a step on the road to a happy marriage.

The real achievement is staying together after ten years. The wedding is just a milestone and in short, we are celebrating the wrong thing. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment with achievements and forget about what actually matters the result.

A website is nothing if it does nothing for you. The launch is just the start. A website should always bring something to the business.

Business owners often concentrate on the headline figure asking: ‘my website will cost how much?’ They don’t necessarily analyse what the website will bring to their company.

A client of ours bought a website, month on month they saw an increase in sales of 18%. Within months the website has paid for itself and the business continued to enjoy the increase in sales, helping their company expand and become more profitable.

A website should never be viewed as a cost, it should be seen as an opportunity to add value and increase sales. Business owners need to look at the cost of their advertising and their sales staff when working out budgets as they are all parts of the equation.

Just like a happy marriage, websites require participation, clients need to engage with us. Businesses are continually evolving and those that don’t are left behind. Websites that work respond to the needs of a business, if they change so must the website. We can monitor, analyse and refine a website ensuring that they stay relevant for the business and resonate with that company’s client group.

A website has to work, by focussing on check lists and tick boxes it won’t. Above all the site needs to be functional. Don’t celebrate just the launch, a real website goes far beyond this.