A professionally built website can add to a business’ credibility and give you control over what is said about your brand.

A website markets your business around the clock providing insight as to what your potential customers should expect from your services.

It’s often the most visible part of a business and also the least thought about.

Does your website reflect your business to its full potential?

People make their assumptions by looking online, they decide whether or not a company is worth their time and money by looking purely at a web presence.

The opportunity to win over an audience now happens before coming into contact with them.

Can your website be viewed on tablets and mobile phones?

A website that responds to screen sizes is vital as it allows access using smartphones and tablets. It has become so important for user experience that Google has now made it a factor when ranking pages. A website that frustrates visitors will result in them cutting short their visit, inevitably pushing up bounce rates and lowering your page’s position on Google. Responsive websites feature with prominence on search engine result pages.

Is it easy for a visitor to find the information they’re looking for?

Not only do visitors want engaging and informative content but they need to be able to find it. It needs to be logically laid out and easy to locate.

Search engines look specifically at whether or not users are able to easily find the information they’re looking for when deciding where to position your website on results pages.

Do you have user-friendly content?

Videos, images and reader-focused content all work to attract potential leads. For Google to view your website as valuable it needs to be relevant to your target audience.

The more useful your content the more valuable it becomes.

It is well worth having content proofread professionally as research has suggested 59% of Britons would not buy from a company who have grammar and spelling mistakes on their website. Viewing such mistakes as unprofessional, therefore deeming the company untrustworthy. 74% of website visitors admit to actively looking for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Bedtime | Is a Professionally Built Website Right For You?

Can you easily update content yourself?

Most websites are now built using Content Management Systems (CMS) making content changes much easier to achieve.

This means websites are updated frequently and aren’t just left to gather dust. Offering users in-depth information, enriching experiences and building brands.

Has your website been updated in the last 3-4 years?

Technology consistently moves forward. Something state of the art today will undoubtedly become outdated quickly. Visitor expectations change, therefore, it’s important to keep up with them.

Older websites become more susceptible to cyber-attacks as the software becomes out-of-date and more vulnerable to security problems.

Does your current website use flash?

All singing and dancing websites using moving graphics with sounds were all the rage in the nineties but have long since gone out of fashion. They aren’t responsive or visible on iPads or iPhones. Once more, because flash websites are difficult for search engines to crawl through they don’t usually perform well on search engine results pages, often hidden below the more user-friendly websites available. Unless you’re an international business with an immense budget it would be wise to steer clear of flash websites at all costs. They are not something to be approached ‘on the cheap’.

What many businesses fail to realise is that holding on to an out of date and poorly optimised website is costing far more in lost business revenue than it would to build a professional website. – Tim Kitchen, How to Get to the Top of Google

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